September 30, 2008

Movies and other little things

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I saw this movie – Message in a bottle- starring Kevin Costner. I don’t know why, but I love the guy. He has this charisma going for him.


For a photo story board, you could check the following clip


I don’t know if it is the phase in my life currently that makes me incessantly weep during movies, but, I cried a river. Yea, I can shed a tear and make a joke of myself at the strangest of times.


Anyway, if someone asks me about the story board as a 3rd party, I would rather say it’s a run-of-the-mill love story with improbable, impractical and out -of the world kinda luck/unluck (if there is a word as that)  running for the characters throughout the story. But, Kevin Costner made all the difference. Man, that guy is understated elegance. he exudes charm like no other. After having watched most of his movies by now, I think it is not hard for anyone to agree to my POV of Costner being “tha Man”. U can be rest assured that Costner can transform a mediocre story into something.

Cheers to the man.


August 4, 2008

Some ads that caught my attention

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Vasir Breweries

Don’t drink and Drive!!! Awesome is the word.


Karate School

Karate School Ad. – Picture is more effective than words.



Economic Times



Kodak – Say Cheese or Honorificabliteralatibus as the situation warrants!


HArry's Bread

Harry’s Bread – The kid gets the kudos. 🙂 Sweet.


One of the best! Seagrams.



If you think u can! 🙂

WU Money Transfer 

And, the play of words. Can’t get any better.


More to come. Stay Tuned.

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